Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile should be the first thing people notice when you walk into a room; it radiates confidence and warmth to the people around you, and is also just a beautiful feature! If there is something standing in the way between you and your smile goals, we want to hear about it. Our practice has multiple cosmetic options available to design the perfect smile, just for you. Call our office in Riverton, UT today to book an appointment!

Tooth Bonding

If you have cracks and chips in your teeth, cosmetic bonding could be the right solution for you! Our bonding procedure utilizes composite material; this is the same substance used in fillings. This dental resin is applied to the problem areas of the teeth and customized to fit the shape and color of your tooth.

  • Our dentist will first use a color guide to determine the perfect pigment that matches the shade of your tooth.
  • We will then apply the resin to your tooth and smooth it out to the correct shape.
  • The resin will be cured under LED light and shaped again to ensure it is seamless.
  • Once we determine it is blended flawlessly, the procedure will be complete.

Teeth Whitening

Our office offers whitening through both ZOOM and Sinsational Smile. Both of these systems produce incredible results for our patients; brightening their teeth quickly and evenly with just one treatment in the office.

  • ZOOM  is a popular method for teeth whitening which can lift the color of your teeth up to eight shades in a single 45-minute session! The system utilizes a gel that is painted onto the teeth and cured under an LED light. The gel is safe for sensitive smiles and produces incredible results every time.
  • Sinsational Smiles is another excellent option worth considering. This system is more affordable than ZOOM and also achieves results in less time. This gel is painted onto the teeth and cured under an LED light for 20 minutes, allowing you to achieve great results quickly and easily.


Veneers are thin shells, made from either composite or porcelain, that are attached to the surface of your teeth to completely transform your smile. Veneers can change the color, size, shape, and overall appearance of your teeth, and can be applied in just two visits!

As part of the application process, it will be necessary for your natural teeth to be prepared. We will remove a thin layer of the outer coating of your teeth, giving veneers the ability to be bonded seamlessly to your tooth surface without appearing unnatural or bulky.

Veneers made of porcelain may last up to fifteen years, while composite veneers can last between five and seven years. Caring for veneers is as simple as routine brushing and flossing; by brushing twice each day and flossing once daily, you can preserve the health of your natural teeth and the life of your veneers.

We will monitor the condition of your veneers each time you visit our office and will recommend repair or replacement as needed.

Cosmetic Crowns

If you have a certain tooth that doesn’t appear as attractive as the rest of the teeth, a crown may help draw attention away from the tooth and bring focus to the entire smile. Crowns are typically used for:

  • Saving damaged teeth
  • Preserving severe decay
  • Concealing cosmetic imperfections

As part of the crown placement process, your natural tooth will need to be shaped so that the crown can fit properly. 

  • Our team will numb the area surrounding the natural tooth. 
  • We will then prepare it by reducing its size and shape without compromising the integrity of the tooth.
  • This will allow the crown to easily fit over the natural tooth and be bonded into place.

Our CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) technology allows us to create crowns much faster than other practices! In one visit, we can design a permanent crown so you can leave the office with a complete restoration. There is no need for 

  • Recurring appointments
  • Temporary crowns
  • Long wait times

Simply allow us to conduct a digital scan of your prepared tooth and a ceramic crown will be crafted by our dentist using computer-aided technology. This will then be applied to your smile on the same day!

ICON White Spot Treatment

Unsightly white spots can form on the surface of your teeth for a variety of reasons:

  • Excessive fluoride intake
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Enamel thinning
  • Poor dental hygiene

In some cases, these white spots may be an indication of a developing cavity. While most practices would suggest removing these spots through invasive methods which are harmful to your teeth, our office uses ICON to remove white spots.

  • ICON is a resin capable of painlessly penetrating the outer layer of the tooth surface.
  • The substance is able to fill the tooth’s damaged pores to prevent cavity-causing bacteria from penetrating the tooth structure.
  • The resin also treats discoloration and allows the white spots to blend with the natural color of the tooth.

Your New Smile, Your Way

With our team by your side, we will help you create the perfect smile that you have always dreamed of! We welcome you to express your own creative vision so that we can help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for. In order to ensure that we completely understand your goals, we partner with you and truly listen to your needs and interests. The whole process will be a partnership between you and our dental experts, and that is what we believe delivers the best results. 

Let’s build your new smile together; call our team today to schedule an appointment!

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