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What Are Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can be frustrating and embarrassing, but dentures just aren’t dependable; it’s too easy for them to slip out of place and they aren’t durable enough for you to eat your favorite foods. So what are your options? Dental implants are a revolutionary method to replace missing teeth. Using three separate components, a post, abutment, and crown, these restorations are anchored to the jawbone for a secure hold. 

The Implant Process

The process for getting dental implants at our Riverton, UT practice is different for every patient. Steps may vary based upon the number of teeth missing, the presence of any current health conditions, and the type of implant that is chosen. For most patients, the preparation and procedure are performed over a period of several months, as described below.

When you attend your free consultation for dental implants, this begins the journey to your brand new smile. Our doctors will examine your mouth and take note of any areas of missing teeth. Upon discussing your needs and hearing your goals and interests, we will conduct a 3D x-ray scan. This will produce a digital image of your jaw, which can be printed out to plan the placement of your implants before surgery.

During your free consultation, if we discover any areas of concern warranting treatment or attention prior to your implant procedure, we will require that to be performed first. This may include treatment for gum disease, removal of damaged teeth, or bone grafting to address poor jawbone density.

Once you have been approved for surgery, our dental experts will ensure you are promptly scheduled for the procedure. We will create a small opening in your gum tissue over the precise location designated for the placement. A small titanium post will be embedded into the jawbone and left to heal for three months.

Throughout the healing process, the inserted post will begin to fuse to the jawbone and bond with your natural anatomy. This ensures that the implant will last a lifetime and be as secure as a natural, healthy tooth. In our final phase, we will expose the implant post and connect the abutment and your custom-created crown. Finally, your new smile will be complete.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many reasons to be excited about dental implants! As the only restoration that replaces both the crown and the root of a tooth, implants are the most natural, healthy option. The artificial root (titanium post) allows the new crown to be held in place securely, while also preventing the loss of jawbone density. Each time you eat, speak, or clean your new implant, this friction sends healthy stimulative activity to your jawbone, promoting its continued strength and growth as a part of your oral anatomy. More benefits of dental implants include:

Easy Maintenance

Restored Function

Stunning Appearance

The Cost of Dental Implants

When you decide to invest in dental implants, you’re making a valuable contribution to your oral health that will last a lifetime. While we’re sure you are eager to know the cost of the implant procedure, this information differs for each patient. With so many different factors that may influence the pricing (preliminary treatment, type of implant, number of missing teeth, etc), it would be best for you to attend our free consultation to determine an accurate cost for your treatment plan.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are an incredible option for restoring your missing teeth. With so many options available for creating your new smile, it’s hard to know which option will work best for you and your needs. We truly recommend dental implants for all of our patients, as it allows them to feel like themselves again without the hassle of appliances that fail to meet expectations.

Learn More About Our Restorative Options

Single Implants

Replaces a single missing tooth

Implant-Supported Bridges

Restores a sequence of multiple missing teeth


What People Are Saying


“Came in as a new patient and the doctor was very helpful. What really did it for me was after I had a temporary crown put in, my tooth was very sensitive. I didn’t call as I was waiting for my appointment, but the doctor reached out and asked if everything was ok. I was really surprised and let him know what was going on. He got me the next day to fix my temporary crown. Very satisfied with the amount of service the whole office provides.”

Lanoy T.

“Super nice office, excellent dentist, amazing team, and overall a wonderful experience. Definitely 5-star worthy.”

Griffin G.

“First of all, I have to say that I hate going to the dentist. So for me to give them a 5-star rating says a lot. I've been a regular patient for a few years now and I can honestly say that I enjoy the team and they put me at ease when I go in.”

Nycole R.

“I had my first appointment today and the hygienist and dentist were very knowledgeable, patient, and absolutely nice! I highly recommend this office, and also the team up front are great! Thanks so much!”

Brittany G.

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